Consulting & Support

Since 1983 CSI has specialized in IT/consulting for small-to-medium sized law firms.  We can provide consulting services relative to system evaluation and recommendation, hardware/software installation, customization and on-going “cradle-to-grave” support.  Many of our clients have been with us over 20 years!

Our clients out-source their IT to CSI and rely on us to provide the same level of suport as having an in-house IT staff, but without the overhead expense.  We provide:

  • Preparation of custom-tailored hardware and/or software “Configuration & Pricing Recommendations” specific to the needs of your firm.  Since we have access to virtually any hardware or software, our consultative approach ensures that the system conforms to your requirements and not vice-versa.
  • Installation, configuration and on-site training to suit your needs and minimize the impact on your office operation.  We recommend on-site education so that clients learn on their own systems and with their own data.  To accommodate the needs of our clients, we can even provide education sessions after hours and on week-ends.  Customized documentation can be provided that reflects the specific hardware and software configuration the firm has.
  • We’ll gladly share our “tricks of the trade” with you, e.g. quick and easy macros and shortcuts, we’ve learned from over 29 years of experience working with law firms.
  • Support that is thoroughly familiar with the operational requirements of a law office is the key to the successful use of your computer system.  An unequaled level of support is provided by our Support Service Agreement which provides on-going essentially unlimited and unmetered hotline and Internet-based support (via Citrix’s GotoAssist™) specifically for law firms at a fixed monthly cost.  This covers normal business hours, as well as after-hours and weekends as needed, and on-site support at a reduced hourly rate.  We don’t charge for travel time, only direct expenses.
  • When questions and problems arise, and they will(!), your staff will contact us directly, even after-hours and week-ends.  We will assume responsibility for determining whether the problem is simply an operator error or misunderstanding, a software “bug” , or an actual hardware failure.  If it is operator-related, we will explain how to perform the operation properly and how to recover from the error.  If it is a software error, we will devise a temporary solution and will act as an intermediary on your behalf with the vendor.  If it is a hardware problem, we will arrange to repair/replace the failed component.  I think you will agree this level of support specific for law firms is unique and unmatched by typical “computer stores” or local concerns.
  • Intermediary with vendors on specific questions as to problems and/or enhancements.
  • Act as an information clearinghouse on new hardware and software products of interest to our clients.
  • Distribute software updates on products and provide upgrade and installation assistance.